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Being productive before creative in process of growth hacking

When we talk about growth hacking, we symbolically assess growth in terms of monetary value and overall expansion. 
But what growth actually means? 
A consecutive series of continuous success?
A constant wining in situations where we might have almost lost? Just like Virat Kholi.
Being able to deliver what needed at specific time?
All of these might look like philosophies and believe me 8 billion people will give you 8 times meaning of Growth in in 8 different ways but the only matters which will show the result, practically. Isn't it?
Boy! failing to score even 20 out 100 in maths strated scoring 80 out of 100 in maths. Is it growth or something else? Does it came in just one night or there are numerous of ways involved in making himself 4 times better than previous? Obviously, it may have took time.
Footballer trying to kick the football from mid to goal have not learnt the skill overnight, Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos strategic development skills might not been sharpened in one trail. Mr…

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