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5 ways for effective communication

Life is a long journey with short time, often the limited hours which you need to utilize. The direction of the life is often selected by you and you are the only element which will present with yourself at the end of the day. So, you are liable to yourself not others. In our day-to-day life we need something to survive—food, water, air etc. but we are always forgetting something—humans. We as a society live together in order to react, respond and enhance thus we rely on each other. This is the reason why humans are considered as the social animal. We are dependent on others—Man needs Men to survive, often people judge us based on our behavior, character, personality but how does you set into their mind, your personality, your character, your behavior—it’s just the action we do, the reaction we give and most importantly the communication we do.
So, friends here are some effective ways of communication which will help you to maintain your relationship wherever you go:-
1. The th…

Ladder of Loyalty: The systematic approach in establishing higher customer value

What is ladder of Loyalty in Business context, the customer relationship approach towards customer

The ladder of loyalty, the term which we hear more often in building any sort of relationship or establishing trust in the relationship. This describes many situations and consequences which are dramatized in front of humans, the only way to be build or regain the trust is through this ladder of loyalty. In context of maintaining or establishing relationship with customers companies use variety of processes under-governed by categories of stages involved and Ladder of Loyalty shows the different stages from prospect to final partner, all together in a sync.

From, Prospect to Final partner this whole process in Ladder of Loyalty has six different stages involved and we will look and examine all this stages in further we move in this article. The best way is remember is via seeing the below mentioned Ladder picture, the movement is from down-to-up i.e. bottom-to-up process.
So, here are the s…

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