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5 common tactics of sales growth in B2B and B2C

What do you think about projecting only best features in sales? Does it make sales easier and entice customer to buy?
There are plenty of times when you come across the situation wherein salesman only projects the best things about the products and services they offer but you still are not persuaded. Why so? The simple reason for that is "Too much sugar is diabetic".
So, how do you ramp this customers and sell the product?
1. Never showcase the best things about the product instead build conversation to know what they are lagging and make their problem as your selling objective. By doing these you're not only gathering the information but also feeding them with security of the singular choice he/she will make and chances are likely that they may choose product or service offered by you.
2. Never argue. Learn not to argue with customers instead use buts and cross-references. The sales target pressure is the common problems faced by every salesman in the town and many times th…

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