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Facebook page advertising hacks to go viral in 2018

Facebook pages are becoming critically important for the business owners and brands. Thus, becoming more crucial part of advertising industry. Today the agencies which have the right content for right audience outshines others, to succeed advertising agency's should have strong presence over social media, especially-Facebook. Here in this article I will discuss about the hacks which led the content to get viral, the reality of advanced Facebook advertising methods which led the many top brands to position themselves in the eyes of consumer. However, there are many ways to do so but this growth hacks does better work than rest. In everything you can find pros & cons but there are few tactics which has only pros if used in right way and for right purpose. So, the idea is to keep nurturing the Facebook page or Facebook account which you want to make viral. Be specific when it comes to ad-making and target setting and to do that follows these steps first.
No. 1 Fresh Content- The h…

Content Marketing and Optimization evergreen strategies

Author: Mike Jones, Chief Marketing Officer
     I will tell you the story of mine how I went into content marketing, in 1981 when I graduated from Cambridge I had almost every sorts of comfort which I can presumably enjoy, nice job, high package, good boss, better co-mates. At first when I completed my graduation in Computer Science I felt something which I felt that this are the things which will change the world, which it surely did till the end of 20th century. My journey in Marketing was accidental, from 1981 to 1984 I was appointed as Technical Analyst at one of the blue chips in United Kingdom. Later, on when I decided to do MBA I joined London Business School (LBS) in 1985 from there the real journey started, in beginning I was not knowing I could make up with marketing because I find Marketing to be the profession which was totally out of league. Although, I had some bit experience in sales. When I completed my MBA in 1987 I was fortunate to work with one of the tech start-up a…

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