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3 ways to convert online customers to frequent buyers

There are hundreds of ways you can reach to people and out of which there are thousands of way you can convert your sales. Just imagine hypothetically, if you completed your reach to each and every audience in your targeted segment and end-up up with heavy cash, do you think they will remain loyal forever? Do think selling them once in lifetime in more than enough?

No, is the obvious answer for this question and there is no one who can deny the fact that once the business will always not remain the business if not changed as per demand and supply matrix.

Here, I m going to share you some excellent strategies which you can use online to make your customer buy your product/services again and again.

1. Focus on loop-purchase

Suppose you have business and it is doing pretty well online whether its conversion from view to sales our call-out actions everything is doing pretty well. But there is adage, it's not necessary that what looks good is always good from inside. We sell millions of products/services using internet or by products of internet and eventually, we fall short of target? WHY? The answer is obvious, we didn't identified the loop-in-purchase pattern from consumer point of view.  There is always loops in consumer buying decision the ultimate aim of the business is to either utilize the loop for instant success and magnetic attraction or eliminate the loop if it doesn't fit the demand and supply matrix. It may sound like both side of the coin but the reality is that loop in purchase pattern should be covered properly.

2. Using QR code with website cookies

Isn't it strange what I'm talking about!

But in fact, its more useful when you see any offline business converting it sales from online advertisements than you could find this quite relevant. Suppose, a customer came at your brick-mortar store purchases an oil worth $10 you have QR code affixed next to the payment counter, you tell your customer to scan for S2 OFF and in many case they will scan. Once they scanned it should consists of code which redirects to our shops online website therein he/she will be asked to accept of ignore cookies the chances are that they may accept once they accepted it, it will stored into their accounts behavioral data's. The next time the person uses internet for surfing on web or uses social media for interaction he/she may see the ads of your shop again and again. This can be the better alternative for brand recalling.

3. Sign-up greetings

Its always necessary to sound credible for your customers but credibility doesn't only follow by the legitimacy sometimes you have to greet something to someone to make them feel that this person is trustworthy. Use this human-exponential behavioral psychic for online frequent purchase. Greet your customers with offers from time to time so that they may not forget you. Reminder is the best way to make someone feel that they have forgotten something. Particularly, in sales seller builds relationship first, takes out money later. This is the pedagogy of online conversion and one must follow to make money out of it.

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