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5 Must Visit Places of Melbourne

"I like the fact that Melbourne always seems to support their chefs and promote them in ways I find really admirable"                                                                                                                          -                                                                                                                                -Anthony Bourdain Melbourne-Australia, an urban Australian conurbation that still holds something of a small-town feel and metropolis, this city in Victoria, Australia stances out with a prominence on the arty, quality dining and plenty of historic architecture to reconnoiter.Regarded as a frequent contender for the heading of “World’s Most Live-able City”(described by many magazines and tour guide). Melbourne has a sturdy number of cultural and intellectual legacies. In Melbourne you can find a range of galleries and museums, at every corners of the city some are large and some are small, apart from this it’s the …

Who Parsis: Some facts that blow your mind

Parsi, one of the captivating community whose ancestral roots are from Persia now Iran. Presently, they are being residing in various countries like India, Iran, UAE, USA etc. When it comes to attractiveness in the personality, these always wins on top, gorgeous looks, speaks enchanting words and have winsome nature. They are often referred as Bawa or Bawi by others. Unfortunately, from past few decades this darling community is declining day by day. Parsi or Parsee are the part of two Zoroastrian community known as Irani and Parsee. Now look let's look out some reasons for their cuteness:
Life’s pathParis's are being taught that the life has two path, asha or righteousness and durj the lie and its their duty choose the right one. The righteousness path is represented by Ahura Mazda and evil part by Angra Mainyu. The fact of this liturgy is common in all the religions or dharamas but here they are different in one sense i.e. Life Path, Parsis mainly choose the path of righteous…

7 Traits of "Highly Creative People "

"Creativity comes with solution "
Creativity is what that is in demand right now. The world is rushing over new ideas, as we all know that only new ideas and innovation will alleviate anyone to stay in the competition. But the question is who will give new ideas? or from where we will get it ? . So, here comes the picture or need of creative minds. the one who thinks differently, Acts differently and  has better ability or solution to solve any problems compared to any other average person.

But how anyone can know that he/she is creative. So, to make it easy, researchers and psychologist have found that there several traits of  highly creative people, following are the traits of highly creative people.

1. "Dreamer"-  Lost in their own world 

Dreaming is not all about fantasy, its gives different perception regarding various things . Highly creative people are generally lost in their own world but that does not me…

The Art of Selling "Peace"

The Human’s a marvellous creation for worth living. The art of selling with mind & soul.Life of emptiness teaches the way by its own, no matter who you are? The creation of humans are the best ones above all, from the finest to the rarest of richness belongs to the humans. A para-sayings of a human, who wants to see thy world in an intellectual vision of placing themselves on the heights by being what they are, “For the reward is for a time”   Once a boy was struggling to sell a book for his living. Thousands came across, thus not a single book sold out. After a long rejection’s he dropped out and decided to not to go out for selling anymore in his lifetime. While for a moment a he taught of giving a last chance to his hard work, by peeping into his past. Flourishing himself and exploring thou mind he made a statement
“Humans believe the imaginary aspects for which they are unknown”                                                                                          -aksha…

Did Congress downplayed Rao’s Role's in 1991 Economic Crisis?

Sanjaya Baru, Indian Political commentator and policy analyst, presently serving as Director for Geo-Economics and Strategy at the International Institute of Strategic Studies had given the statement on Economics reforms of 1991. In an interview with Charmy Harikrishna in Delhi. Baru quoted that “Rao was the greatest PM after Nehru, Chandra Shekhar could had implemented the reforms but Rao did it, and dangerous brickmenship Rajivji played when the economy was going through crises.

                      In an interviewing, Baru, who wrote about Manmohan Singh in The Accidental Prime Minister and now comes out with another book How PV Narsimha Rao made History (Aleph)aiming the Economics reforms of 1991 was Narasimhanomics not Manmohanomics. On, replying to the Charmy’s question regarding 25 years to assess PV Rao properly. 
Baru said that it was his decision to write the book after promoted by the lecture at Hyderabad last year. Also, his book is response to Jairam Ramesh book To the Bri…

Women Empowerment- Thinking or Doing

“The rightly expressed view and rightly narrated view can change the thought.”

Society have seen many  age The life of people are enacted on stage The thoughts are pressurizing the gauge You should know your rights before earning wage. By writing the full page, You can’t change what is already engage, But the action should be taken from teenage, To make them privilege. You alone can’t manage, Women also need adage, To control this savage, Women must also learn how to damage. Its not just a sage, But the flower to plant in thoughts cottage.                                The women empowerment, isn’t a common topic nowadays? But what do we know about Women Empowerment, it’s just a topic to debate or it needed to be scrutinized or examined properly? Well, the dogma has it’s day, the agonizing and miserable permanence is that it is just a manifesto for the discussion and I am sure those discussions will only construct the identity not silhouette. Well, we say that we reached at moon, we reached vast in…

5 Best Water Sports Destination in India

India is known for its cultural diversity.  The place where the fusion of culture and religion meets and profound it to be the amalgamation of various ethnicity. India, the only country where the span of various languages, religions, dance, music, architecture, food, and customs differs from place to place within the nation. But do you know, India got the one of the best destination for your wild adventurous aquatic sport. Well, the first place which comes in our mind when we are talking about  aquatic sport is  Wake-Boarding in Lake Navarino, Western Australia.  The truth is, India got the plenty of options to dive into your dreams of wild aquatic sports, right from simple kayaking to wind-surfing you will get everything in the package.So, here are the 5 scoops of best water sport destination in India:-1.Kavaratti, Lakshadweep

Kavaratti is the top-most preferred destination to reconnoiter your aquatic desire. The place got Scuba diving, Kayaking, Canoeing, Snorkeling and much more. Fo…

The 5 Arts of Social Engineering

The social engineering is the art of manipulating the people in the society to get the desire information from them and feed them with desire thoughts to act or think in the desired way by the manipulator wants them to think or do. The art of social is different from technical engineering hence its termed as Social Engineering which deals in the society.
The Social Engineers are the person who often liked by the others just because the way they portrays themselves in the front of other people convenience their subconscious mind. Unlike, science's such as hypnotism and deception too are related to this. Achieving the mastery is although difficult in it but some persons possess this talent by birth but finding the social engineer in the society is very rare, persons related to big blue chip companies and brands often possess the natural skills of social engineer. The art of Social engineering is very much important for the marketing and sales professional, if you do have and you want…

7 Monday Motivation Tips

The day comes again and again, but never like Monday, the most unwanted day for people. Why this Monday comes so early and lasts long as if it’s not a matter of 24 hours but 100 hours. The reason is lack of Monday Motivation. So, here are some tips to avoid boredom and increase Monday Motivation:-
Accept the truthAccept the truth that yes it’s Monday and this will come every week. Anyhow, this will last only for 5 days and yet again the weekends will come. The cycle has regular and periodic intervals the days will come and go. You just need to accept it Dude! It’s Monday today the Sun for Friday will soon be setting. Sleep atleast 10 hours on SundayYes, you hear it right. 10 hours sleep on Sunday can make you more productive on Monday. If you want you can split the 10 hours sleep into two parts 2 hours day and 8 hours night. Just go and try this method this weekend and see how productive will be your upcoming Monday.

Image courtesy- istock photos
Enjoy the weekendsDon’t think about the Mo…

7 things you definitely, don’t know about Facebook Advertising

Facebook pages are becoming critically important for the business owners and brands. Thus, more crucial part of advertising industry. The outshining advertising agency has strong presence when it comes to social media, specifically-Facebook.  The article below will tell you the reality of advanced Facebook advertising methods which led the many top brands to position themselves and here are synopsis:- 1)Fresh Content- The halo effect of first look- Always remember “First impression is not although the last impression but lasting impression” This is what your content says about you. The basic point before starting Facebook ads as it’s the key to empower your brand and once they positioned they keep on engaging. 2)Sponsored Stories- The Social technique for social proofing. Studies says that when it comes to recommendation people prefer to listen what their friends and family are saying more than they do the actual trust on brand’s identity. Sponsored stories connect with your post and po…

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